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Perfume Bottle

Our perfume bottles combine aesthetics and quality. It adds elegance to your scents. Each bottle is designed to reflect your personal style. An ideal choice for those looking for elegance and originality preference!

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Parfüm Kapakları Parfüm Kapakları

Perfume Caps

At Erbatur Glass, we meticulously craft perfume caps that embody both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Our flawless designs not only add a touch of elegance to your perfume bottles but also ensure security and freshness preservation. Crafted with the finest materials and designed with care, Erbatur perfume caps are offered in a wide range to cater to every style and need.

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Pump & Collar Pump & Collar

Pump & Collar

At Erbatur Glass, we enhance your perfume experience with our sprayers that blend aesthetics and quality. Crafted with the latest technology and carefully selected materials, our elegant designs provide a refreshing experience with each use. Our high-quality and thoughtfully designed sprayers elevate your perfume experience to new heights.

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Mini Setler Mini Setler

Mini Set

Each of our mini sets offers a quality and stylish option with their aesthetic designs and selected scents. We constantly increase diversity and follow new trends to meet the expectations of the quantities. Combining quality and quantity, we aim to provide a comprehensive, magnificent perfume experience.

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diffuser diffuser


Erbatur Glass offers exquisite diffusers to elevate your space with captivating scents. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our diffusers not only enhance the ambiance but also leave a lasting impression on your senses.

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Plastic Sprayers Pumb & Collar

Plastic Sprayers

Pumb & Collar  products combine elegance and functionality, catering to the needs of users. Crafted with high-quality materials, these products can be used practically in daily life.

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serum bottle serum bottle

Serum Bottles

At Erbatur Glass, enhance your skincare routine with our effective and stylish serum bottles, where you can safely store your potent formulas. Achieve exceptional results with every use, thanks to our high-quality materials and elegant designs."

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Cream Jars Cream Jars

Cream Jars

At Erbatur Glass, we elevate your skincare routine with our stylish and functional cream bottles. Our aesthetic designs, user-friendly features, and high-quality materials ensure a top-notch cream experience.

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Car Parfume Car Parfume

Car Perfume

Each of our car fragrances combines meticulously selected aesthetic designs and high quality, offering an elegant and stylish option for your vehicles. In order to meet our customers' expectations, we are constantly expanding our range and closely following the latest trends in the industry. By combining quality and aesthetics, we aim to make your in-car experience unforgettable.

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As a leading brand in the perfume and cosmetics world, we offer unique experiences that appeal to every taste with the wide range of products we offer. Each of our products stands out with their aesthetic designs, quality materials and carefully selected scents.

Cosmetic Bottles
Parfüm Kapakları
Pump & Collar
Mini Setler
Plastic Sprayers
Cream Jars
Car Parfume

Perfume Bottles Enriched with Aesthetic Designs

Our company follows the developments in the perfume industry and leads customers with creative and innovative products. We make every perfume bottle special with our aesthetic designs.

Sign Your Brand with Special Packaging

Our company, which offers quality and aesthetic products by prioritizing customer satisfaction, allows you to sign your brand with special packaging. We make your products unforgettable with details such as room fragrance and serum bottles.

Our Leading Brand in the International Market

Erbatur, a leading brand in the perfume packaging industry, increases its recognition worldwide by participating in fairs held in various countries. We stand out with our claim to leadership in quality, elegance and diversity.


Meet Erbatur's various and elegant products in our online catalogue.

Online Catalog

Custom Design Services

Bottle Painting

Color, Harmony, Aesthetic Mastery

Erbatur adds a unique touch to perfume bottles with matte coating and special coloring techniques. Gradual painting, which enriches the content by emphasizing certain areas or color transitions, offers a unique aesthetic to each bottle. Erbatur's art of bottle painting reflects the quality of the brand with its colorful and original designs.

Bottle Painting

Custom Design Services

Bottle Design

Redefine Aesthetics with Special Touches

Erbatur not only designs perfume bottles but also provides a unique aesthetic with bracelets, caps, and valves, considering every detail. Offering custom design options to exceed our customers' expectations, Erbatur provides personalized experiences with unique bottles for each customer. Redefine aesthetics with Erbatur, the address of elegance and originality!

Design Your Bottle


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